We carry a line of damage indicators that help monitor your shipments during transit. If your packages have been mishandled, these indicators provide evidence of the incident.

Damage Indicators - Shockwatch Labels

Shockwatch Labels

Precision impact detection packaging that puts you in control whenever your product moves. When you surrender control of your shipments to a carrier, you risk more than damage to your products. Customer relationships and your company’s reputation are at stake. Prevent mishandling of your shipments with Shockwatch labels. If your products are protected, so is your bottom line.

Damage Indicators - Tiltwatch Labels

Tiltwatch Labels

Tiltwatch labels are the best way to monitor shipments that must remain upright. Today’s “Just-In-Time” zero-defect delivery requirements demand shipping controls and monitors beyond the passive printed warnings on the sides of containers. The Tiltwatch Label is the best choice for goods that must remain upright to ensure intact delivery. Tiltwatch Labels are “carrier friendly” and guarantee 100% accuracy. It’s a reliable and affordable solution to monitoring and controlling the shipping attitude of heavy machinery, large computers, electronic panels, cut flowers, batteries, liquids and a host of other products. Fifteen years of exposure through the transportation corridors of the world guarantee instant recognition.

Impact recorders ShockWatch and ShockLog

Impact Recorders

ShockWatch® ShockLog® Impact and Environmental Recorders continually monitor and report in real-time the shock, vibration and environmental conditions experienced by structures, facilities or equipment during transit, storage and operation. ShockLog impact recorders register the direction, amplitude, and duration of impact force.