Experience to Protect Products, Equipment and Machinery

American Flag Image - Protective Packaging CorporationProtective Packaging Corporation was founded in 1976 as “Specialty Bags Corporation” to fulfill the packaging needs of the United States government and military.

In 1995, the company expanded it’s offerings and changed it’s name to Protective Packaging Corporation.  Continuous growth and expanding experience has given us a global reputation as a provider of expert packaging solutions serving a client base that includes some of the largest corporations in the world.

We are one of the largest manufacturers and providers of MIL-SPEC packaging products in the United States, the largest converter and manufacturer of flexible packaging supplies in the Southwest, and one of the few ISO 9001 Certified packaging companies in the nation.  We are a registered United States General Services Administration (GSA) contractor and designated as a small, veteran owned, business by the Small Business Administration.

Our 25 years of experience enables our engineers to deliver the materials you need to provide protection during shipping and storage. Since Protective Packaging Corporation was initially founded to service the United States Government and military, we have extensive experience developing protective packaging solutions that adhere to the most rigorous requirements.  From protecting a weapons system for long term storage, to massive turbine generators for transportation, we pride ourselves on our versatility. We offer consulting services as well as on-site packaging services to help you select and implement the most appropriate and cost effective packaging solutions.

Product and Service Areas

Our products and services consist of: anti-static and static shielding bags, flexible packaging materials, moisture barrier bags, Mil-Spec (military specified) packaging materials, corrosion inhibitors, desiccants, humidity indicator devices, on-site packaging, packaging consulting, and custom-made packaging.