Protective Packaging offers a range of aircraft preservation products and kits. From tire covers to engine covers, you’ll find what you need to keep rust and debris from your craft during shipping and storage.

Engine Shipping Kits

Our engine shipping kits save your company money and are huge time savers. We pre-cut covers, using our Protect 100 material, for the intake, fan bypass and exhaust. The intake and exhaust covers include clear viewing windows that allow you to check the humidity levels inside the covers without removing them.

Aircraft Protection Kits

In the past, mothballing an aircraft was a complicated endeavor taking considerable time and resources to accomplish the task.

Not anymore. We make aircraft protection simple with our own custom line of economical mothballing kits that are pre-cut to fit the vast majority of airplanes and ready to use the moment you receive them.

Helicopter Preservation - Helicopter Storage

AirProPak Helicopter Preservation Kits

Our AirProPak Helicopter Preservation Kits offer a packaging solution that reduces the overall cost of maintaining an out-of-service helicopter.  Our kits create a completely controlled environment around the aircraft.

Aircraft Tire & Wheel Covers

UV damage can quickly ruin a perfectly good tire. Our tire covers prevent exactly that. The covers are made out of Weathermax material. This material is lightweight, easy to install, protects against UV and the elements, and will give you years of use. Our covers also help prevent water getting to your brakes during washdown. Also, our graphics department can print any type of logo on the cover you would like, making the covers a really nice addition to your aircraft.

Ballistic Nylon Covers

Whether you’re storing your engine during maintenance, or preparing to ship it overseas, Protective Packaging’s ballistic nylon covers for aircraft engines will help make your job easier.

Cockpit Window Covers

Our cockpit window cover kits are huge time savers. We pre-cut our covers to give you the perfect fit. Covers protect against the elements, as well as harmful UV rays. One kit contains covers for all cockpit windows.

Engine & APU Storage Kits

Our aircraft engine storage kits are a quick, easy and economical way to protect your engines or auxillary power units (APUs) during outdoor storage.

Inlet Covers

These ingenious little devices are huge time savers. Inlet covers prevent aircraft damage from insects and small birds nesting in small crevices and vents during aircraft storage or mothballing. Simply remove the adhesive backing and place over openings on your stored aircraft. Each cover comes with a marker ribbon attached to help remind you to remove before flight.

Passenger Window Covers

Our window covers are a 24” x 200′ roll of moisture barrier material. Rather than covering each window individually, this strip of material covers multiple windows at once. Window covers can be purchased by themselves or as part of an aircraft protection kit.