helicopter preservation solution - helicopters packaged in moisture barrier materials - covers for helicopters

Reduce Maintenance Expenses on Out of Service Helicopters

Our Helicopter Preservation Kits and Aircraft Preservation Kits offer a packaging solution that reduces the overall cost of maintaining an out-of-service helicopter.  Our kits create a completely controlled environment around the aircraft. This mothballing or cocooning process starts with unique, flexible moisture barrier films designed to prevent even minimal exposure of humidity to the aircraft, its engine, and electrical parts. This process ensures no corrosion for a minimum of three years. The cost to provide this long term corrosion prevention solution is much more cost effective than an expensive climate controlled environment warehouse or hanger. The entire application process can be completed in less than a day.

We also offer on-site installation services and training.  Our team of protective packaging professionals will travel to your location and custom-package your aircraft for you, or teach your technicians the correct procedures.

Benefits of using our kits:

  • Real-time humidity monitoring
  • Eliminate climate controlled warehouses
  • Reduce maintenance staff
  • Approved by all major manufacturers
  • Custom solutions for all helicopter models
  • Installation and training available

Kits contain:

  • Desiccant
  • Moisture barrier material
  • Shrink film
  • Shrink tape
  • Humidity indicator plugs

Helicopter Preservation Kits by Model Number:

  • AirProPak A109 Kit
  • AirProPak A119 Kit
  • AirProPak AW139 Kit
  • AirProPak Bell 212 Kit
  • AirProPak BK117 Kit
  • AirProPak EC135 Kit
  • AirProPak EC145 Kit
  • AirProPak EC225 Kit
  • AirProPak S-76 Kit
  • AirProPak S-92 Kit

If the kit for your model is not listed, call us and we’ll make it! 1-800-644-4032

Helicopter Preservation Projects

EC225 Helicopter Preservation

Any aircraft taken out of service can be packaged using cost-effective desiccants and barrier materials.  Several companies have contacted Protective Packaging Corporation for assistance in mothballing EC225 (H225) and AS332 helicopters that have been grounded for mechanical reasons.

Military Helicopter Packaging 

Our team of packaging experts have worked closely with military installations to preserve helicopters stored outdoors. Here are images of Cobra, Huey and VF 22 helicopters being packaged for short term storage.

Helicopter Engine Packaging

We also offer packaging solutions for engines in a can.  Our packaging methodology is modified to fit a smaller scale and works in conjunction with a rigid case.

Helicopter Packaging Projects Video Overview

We have packaged over 300 helicopters worldwide for a variety of clients from offshore oil rig service companies to the US Marine Corps.