Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs, sometimes referred to as vapor corrosion inhibitors) provide excellent protection for metal surfaces and can prevent corrosion for many years. VCIs are chemicals used directly on the product that needs to be protected.

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We carry VCI papers, films, and wraps supersaturated with corrosion preventive chemicals. These materials can be converted into VCI tubes and VCI bags of all sizes to meet your corrosion protection needs. Just give us the dimensions, and we’ll make the bag.

Here are the materials we carry:

VCIs are designed to create an invisible barrier, keeping moisture at bay. VCI molecules attach themselves to metal surfaces to form an invisible, thin film only a few molecules thick. (See the diagram for an illustration of how volatile corrosion inhibitors work.)

We also offer a range of VCI emitters that can be included with barrier packaging for added rust protection.

Call 1-800-644-4032 or send us an email and tell us about your corrosion protection needs.  We’ll roll up our sleeves and help you find solid solutions that meet your needs and fit your budget.