Corrosion Protection Consulting

Site Assessment

We’ll send consultants to your facility to perform an overall assessment of your current needs. We’ll review your current inventory and or machinery and carefully review levels of damage from corrosion or exposure to the elements.

Barrier Bags Manufacturing

We make bags of all sizes.

Our bread-and-butter is still the manufacture of bags, tubing, and sheets in a variety of shapes and sizes. From moisture barrier bags to static shielding bags, we have the machines and skilled packaging professionals to find the solution to your packaging challenges.

Packaging Consulting

Not sure what you need? We can help!

We offer consulting services for packaging solutions to protect from the damaging effects of moisture, static, pests, debris, UV rays, and other contaminants . Whether you need to preserve items during long-term storage, or protect during shipping, we can help you find the right solution.

On-Site Packaging Services

Moisture, static discharge, ultraviolet exposure, insects, product mishandling, and corrosion can all adversely affect your shipments and your company’s reputation.