Kit Contents

  • Five (5) 12″x18″ Moisture Barrier Bags
  • Five (5) two-unit desiccant bags
  • Five (5) humidity indicator cards
  • Foil adhesive tape

Moisture Barrier Bags Protect Valuables from Water Damage

The Flood Protection Kit from Protective Packaging Corporation is transforming how homeowners safeguard their valuables from mold, mildew and grime caused by water damage. Using the same technology employed by the U.S. Military to protect vehicles and equipment, each 12″x18″ waterproof Moisture Barrier Bag is designed to seal out weather-related moisture and humidity, protecting irreplaceable valuables like birth certificates, wills, insurance documents, deeds, laptops, family photos, electronics and more. The result is peace of mind in the event of a flood, hurricane, tornado or roof damage.


  • Easy-to-use: Stuff, Seal, Protect
  • Protects items from mold, mildew, grime, water damage, dust, insects and sun exposure
  • Same technology used by the U.S. Military to protect products, equipment and machinery from corrosion, electrostatic discharge, UV rays, contaminants and dust during shipping and storage
  • Available in custom sizes to fit items such as large-scale electronics and furniture