vci films and vci bags

Protective Packaging’s VCI films offer barrier packaging with effective corrosion protection allowing for safe, clean, and easy packaging of metal parts, machinery and equipment. VCI films  can be ordered as rolls, tubing, sheets and bags. We are constantly updating our in stock inventory. So check back often to see what we have available. If you’re not sure  what VCI is, you can click here to learn more.



Our VCI films are made from high-tech resins, utilizing cutting edge extrusion technology. The corrosion inhibitors are extruded right into the polyethylene film. As a result, the volatile and contact inhibitors provide long-term corrosion protection for the most intricate and hard-to-reach surfaces. The corrosion protection is clean, non-discernible, with no strong chemical odor. In addition, VCI films are:

  • Heat sealable
  • Strong, stretchable, and tear-resistant
  • Economical
  • Great flexibility
  • Highly water resistant
  • Can be applied automatically and removed quickly
  • Conforms to NACE Std TM0208-2008 and RoHS Compliant
  • Recyclable and non-toxic

VCI will not affect the performance of the protected metal, and the parts are ready to use immediately after removal from the packaging without additional cleaning. Our VCI film products provide proven corrosion protection for metal parts against the corrosive effects of moisture, salt and other contaminants while they are in process, storage or transit.

We can create VCI bags, covers, shrouds, sheeting or tubing to meet your needs.  Some common configurations are:

  • Rolls of material
  • Zipper bags
  • Gusseted bags
  • Flat bags
  • Pre-opened bags on a roll
  • Perforated bags on a roll
  • Shrouds
  • Engine bags
  • Bin liners
  • Tubing
  • Sheeting
  • Other custom designs

Protective Packaging’s heavy-duty VCI films have been used for packaging metal parts, machinery, and equipment across many industries such as: Automotive, Construction, Agriculture, Metal Machining, Electronics, Military, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Steel, and global OEM companies.

Please give us a call at 1-800-644-4032, or send us an email and tell us about your corrosion protection needs.