Weather Curtain for Energy Plant

“We were the only plant in North Texas that stayed online during an ice storm”

A large energy provider in Dallas needed a way to reduce exposure to the elements for workers during winter months and inclement weather.  Erecting a permanent wall or enclosure would be too expensive and often violates industry regulations.  The company needed an effective, flexible solution and they contacted Protective Packaging for help.

Protective Packaging evaluated the environmental conditions and the overall requirements, then provided a solution that proved effective: a custom industrial weather curtain.

Protective Packaging assessed the work area and indicated that curtains would be needed in several areas of the plant to protect workers and equipment.   Protective Packaging fashioned curtains from heavy duty material called AT-200; a PVC coated polyester scrim that is weather resistant and has a high tensile strength.  Grommets along the top edge of the material made it easy to attach to the structure using nylon rope.  Finally, zipper “doors” were added to allow for easy access.

Were these curtains really effective?  They served as wind breakers shielding workers from icy winds throughout the winter, but the biggest payoff came during one of the worst ice storms of the season.  “We were the only plant online in North Texas,” commented the plant manager. All others were offline due to frozen pipes!  The weather curtains provided enough protection to keep the facility’s exposed pipes from freezing solid.

With the fall fast approaching, it’s the best time to evaluate your needs for additional shelter options in industrial working environments.  Our custom weather curtains can be made to suit any environment.  Contact us today for more information: 1-800-644-4032.