MIL-I-26860 Humidity Indicator Plugs

Humidity indicator plugs allow you to monitor the humidity levels inside a closed package or container without having to open the container.  These plugs are available in a variety of finishes and indicator disks.

Humidity Indicator Plug MS18013

TA370 Series

Humidity Indicator Plug - Mil-Spec-18013-1


Humidity Indicator Plug - TA284

TA 284

Humidity Indicator Plug TA354 TA 354 TA350picTA 350 Humidity Indicator Plug - TA356TA 356

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Humidity Indicator Plug

TA 380

Humidity Indicator Plugs TA 346-2345S

TA 346-2345S


TA 348

Humidity indicator plugs are screwed in to the walls of containers and feature a clear window fitted with an humidity indicator discs. These plugs measure interior relative humidity levels while being read from outside the container. The discs change color as the interior humidity of the container increases. These plugs are usually made of aluminum, brass or stainless steel.

Moisture is the enemy of a variety of products. Metal items rust or corrode and foods spoil or go stale. Many times, once a product is packaged, it should not or can’t be opened until it is used in order to preserve the integrity of the product. By using humidity indicator plugs in the walls of containers, workers can ensure that items are stored at safe humidity levels without exposing them to external elements while humidity levels are checked.