Sorry ET fans, it was just an X-47B Unmanned Drone, but we did prepare this aircraft for it’s cross country trip.

It was 11:00 PM on a Wednesday when drivers first saw the X-47B unmanned drone being hauled on a flatbed truck on I-270, and then again down I-495 in Washington.  The drone caused quite a commotion as it made it’s way across the US from Edwards Air Force Base in California to the Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland for testing.

As you can guess, pictures began popping up on Twitter and 911 was called about the “UFO” sighting!  An official at Northrop Grumman confirmed that the craft was actually an X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System.

The drone is wrapped in moisture barrier material, heat sealed, and covered with a heavy duty, weather-resistant tarp.  Once again, the final packaged drone does look a lot like a UFO, but it sure won’t suffer any damage from corrosion during its trip, thanks to our corrosion prevention packaging.   We’ll continue to keep you updated on any other “UFO” sightings that our protective packaging materials may generate.

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Watch an Unsealed Case File Video about the “X-47B Beltway UFO”