Outdoor Protective Covers for Turbines

A turbine manufacturer in Houston needed a corrosion protection solution for equipment that was stored outdoors.  These were turbines and other large engines that need refabricating were already heavily damaged by rust, but they wanted to prevent further damage before working on them to restore them to their original working condition.

Our solution was to completely enclose the units in custom, six sided bags made of HD-100 material.  To make the enclosure, we lifted turbines with a crane, then spread the material under them. We lowered the turbines onto the material and added desiccant as an extra corrosion prevention measure. We pulled  the material up and around the turbines making seals with hand held rotary heat sealers.  The final component of the solution was a heavy duty reinforced cover to help further protect the unit from UV damage and debris. We lowered the reinforced cover over the units with the aid of a crane and secured the cover with grommets we had added along the edges.

Our solution protected the units until they could be properly restored.  They even provided the needed protection to ride out Hurricane Ike that hit the Houston area in 2008.