Shockwatch Label - Damage Indicator - Impact Detection Precision impact detection packaging that puts you in control whenever your product moves. When you surrender control of your shipments to a carrier, you risk more than damage to your products. Customer relationships and your company’s reputation are at stake. Prevent mishandling of your shipments with Shockwatch labels. If your products are protected, so is your bottom line.

Shockwatch labels contain a tube filled with red liquid held in suspension. When the Shockwatch label is subjected to an impact exceeding a specified G-level, the shock disrupts the surface tension of the liquid, releasing the highly visible red dye into the length of the tube – creating a permanent and immediate indication of mishandling. Normal movement or roadshock won’t affect the Shockwatch device – only the specific impacts for which it is designed. Once activated, Shockwatch labels cannot be reset.

With Shockwatch, your shipments get the careful treatment in transit that you and your customers demand. A Shockwatch label alerts handling personnel that your shipment is being monitored. Carriers will be as interested as you are in avoiding damage claims. Simple and cost-effective, Shockwatch labels add real accountability to your shipping program and is a significantly better alternative to standard fragile labels.

Labels are available in different levels of sensitivity, from 25G to 100G.