The Protect Continuous Hand Rotary Heat Sealer is a hand held bag sealer ideal for sealing heavy duty MIL Spec materials, heavy laminates, and foils. This sealer can also be used with cellophane and polyethylene when used with overcap labels:


  • Standard top mounted handle.
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Sealing speed Up to 400 inches per minute on lighter materials
  • Sealing capacity – Heavy MIL Spec material, heavy laminates and foils, plus cellophane and polyethylene when used with overcap labels.
  • Seal impressions – Groove (Model G)
  • Seal width 1”
  • Seal length infinite (continuous)
  • Temperature range adjustable from 200o through 550oF


  • Form-Fit Handle has kink eliminator and strain relief for rubber covered cord with plug
  • Adjustable Thermostat controls temperature from 200o through 500oF
  • Pressure Roll Adjustment Knob to accommodate different materials and ensure a high-quality seal
    Pilot Light indicates when desired sealing temperature has been reached
    Rounded Sealing Entrance facilitates feed of materials to help ensure a high-quality seal with
    minimal effort
  • Other Features:
    • Frame casting, preheater bars, hand supports, and rolls are all aluminum for light weight
    • Preheater bars (1” wide, 8-1/2’ long) each have a 150-Watt, sheathed heating element for a total of 300 Watts