These are flat ESD bags, open on one end.  Heat sealable. Ideal for protecting static sensitive components from damaging electrostatic discharge. These bags are made from Protect VF 1000, an opaque, heavy-duty material that acts as a Faraday cage around contents when properly heat sealed into a bag or pouch. This film provides both electromagnetic and electrostatic shielding for superior protection of electronic components.  These static shielding bags are designed to protect electronic components during shipping and storage. Call us if you need a different size  1-800-644-4032! We make bags of any size, from 3″ x 2″ to UNLIMITED.  If you need a bag as big as a football field, we can make it.

Physical Properties of the Material

Physical Properties

(dissipative layer/MET PET/2.6 mil LDPE/Dissipative layer)



Total Thickness 3.25  mil
Light Transmission (ASTM D-1003-77) < 0.01 %
Tensile Strength (D882-83, Method A) MD:  9000 lb./in.2
TD: 10500 lb./in.2
Tear Strength (D1004-66 Notched) MD:  4.7 lb.
TD:   4.3 lb.
Burst Strength (FTMS 191-C Method 5122) 84 lb./in2
Puncture Strength (FTMS 101-C Method 2065.1) > 20 lbs.
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (ASTM F1249) 0.035 gr./100 in2 24hrs
Elongation (ASTM D822-83, Method A) MD:  98%.
TD:   80%.
Electrical Properties
EMI Shielding (MIL-B-81705C)(1-10 GHz) > 40 dB
Resistivity-Conductive Metal Layer (ASTM D-257) < 2 Ohms/ in2
Surface Resistivity (Outer/Inner) (ASTM D-257) < 1012 Ohms/ in2
Electrostatic Decay (FTMS 101C) (5000 to 0 V) < 0.05 sec
Capacitive Probe Test (EIA 541) < 8 V
Charge Generation (nC/in.2) Teflon:   -0.09
Quartz:  +0.10