JDAM Precision Guided Weapons System

Protective Packaging provides stringent MIL-SPEC packaging solution to major defense contractor for the preservation of moisture, heat and static sensitive JDAM weapons system

Protective Packaging was contacted by a major defense contractor in March of 1997. The contractor shared that they had a new weapon system that consisted of a WWII and Vietnam era “dumb bomb” married with a modern GPS guidance system to achieve surgical precision accuracy in its delivery.

The challenge came when they shared that they must provide a 20 year warranty against any damage caused by corrosion or ESD (electrostatic discharge) and asked if Protective Packaging had any ideas. They had already contacted several other flexible packaging companies, but were told they needed to provide drawings and specifications before any type of quotation could be issued. Within 48 hours of being contacted, Protective Packaging President, Steve Hanna and Vice President Jim Hiller were at their facility in St. Louis working on a solution. After a 3 hour discovery meeting, Protective Packaging returned to Dallas and began aggregating materials that would deliver a package that:

  • was moisture proof
  • was vapor proof
  • was heat sealable
  • had a conductive interior
  • had MVTR of .002 or less
  • was durable
  • was dull not shiny
  • was able to hold an indefinate vacuum

Two weeks later, Protective Packaging returned to St. Louis with 3 different materials that would meet or exceed the outlined requirements. By the end of the meeting, a decision had been reached as to the material to be utilized.

After several more visits and severe testing, which included thermal, vibration, altitude, loose cargo and drop tests, the material was approved and a quotation for the original requirement of 1,500 barrier bags was issued.