Corrosion Protection Packaging for Equipment Transport

Protective Packaging recently worked with an energy company in Louisiana to package a pair of fan hubs being shipped to Virginia for storage.  The packaging solution needed to preserve the metal parts for up to 5 years in storage inside a wooden crate.

The company already had a crate for the hub, but a crate provides little protection against moisture vapor and other elements.  The Protective Packaging team defined a solution that included:

First, the on-site packaging team padded the interior of the crate with foam to ensure there were no edges or corners that could tear or snag the barrier material.  Next the barrier material was pressed into the crate with enough extra to completely enclose the hub once it was in place.

Next, a crane was used to lower each hub into place.  The Protective Packaging team carefully monitored and guided each hub as it was lowered into its crate to ensure the barrier material was not torn. With no room for error, each hub was slowly lowered into place.

After checking for holes, the Protective Packaging team cinched up all loose film and made a long seam by pulling one each end. The team then sealed and vacuumed each bag until it was tight. After the seal was complete, packaging professionals folded down the loose flaps and taped them to the vacuumed bag.

Afterwards, workers added padding along the top of the packaged hub so that wooden boards on top would not rub or damage the material during transport to Virginia.