Corrosion susceptible elevator components protected by Protective Packaging unveiled in pristine condition after one year exposure to inhospitable outdoor storage conditions of New Jersey’s Atlantic coast.

An elevator company, located in Houston, Texas, manufactured a construction elevator for a client that required outdoor storage until installation could occur. The elevator needed to be packaged to protect corrosion sensitive components for an entire year in the intense humidity of New Jersey’s Atlantic coast.

The elevator company contacted Protective Packaging Corporation, and a crew was dispatched down to Houston the following week. Protective Packaging used VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting) .008 mil heat shrink film to cocoon the elevator. In addition, desiccant and VCI Foam Emitters were placed inside the elevator to prevent moisture from having an adverse effect upon the parts that were suseptible to corrosion. The elevator was then mounted to a custom pallet and shipped via a flatbed truck to New Jersey from Dallas.

A year later, the elevator’s protective packaging was removed to reveal the part to be in perfect condition with absolutely no evidence of corrosion or damage to the components.