Tiltwatch labele - Damage Indicator - Tilt Indicator Label Tiltwatch labels are the best way to monitor shipments that must remain upright. Today’s “Just-In-Time” zero defect delivery requirements demand shipping controls and monitors beyond the passive printed warnings on the sides of containers. The Tiltwatch Label  is the best choice for goods that must remain upright to ensure intact delivery. Tiltwatch Labels are “carrier friendly” and guarantee 100% accuracy. It’s a reliable and affordable solution to monitoring and controlling the shipping attitude of heavy machinery, large computers, electronic panels, cut flowers, batteries, liquids and a host of other products. Fifteen years of exposure through the transportation corridors of the world guarantee instant recognition.

A precision manufacturing process assures consistent quality and performance. Don’t stake your company’s reputation on standard fragile labels. Get peace of mind with cost-effective Shockwatch and Tiltwatch damage control labeling solutions. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-644-4032 to place your order.