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Outdoor Protection Covers

Outdoor Protection Cover

Military Covers, Equipment Covers and Machine Covers

Stronger and lighter than traditional tarps, our protective covers are custom made from state of the art engineered materials designed for durable protection in all types of weather. These serve as a sacrificial outer coating to protect items in storage or during transport. See our Avenger Turret Covers.You provide the dimensions and we deliver a custom sewn, protective cover for a snug fit. All our protective covers are lined with grommets to enable flexible options for securing the cover to equipment.

Protective covers are currently available in the following material types:

  • Protect A50 - woven UV stabilized HDPE scrim - polyethylene coating on both sides
  • Protect AT200 - PVC coated polyester scrim - weather resistant, high tensile strength
  • Protect T55 - 3-ply laminate - strong, durable, lightweight - (available in clear only)
  • Protect T90 - 5-ply film - strong, durable, lightweight

Our protective covers are:

  • Custom made for a snug fit
  • Lined with grommets for easy installation
  • Removable and reusable
  • Provide a layer of protection from the elements
  • Available in black, white, army green (olive), natural and clear
  • Excellent reinforcement for moisture barrier bags and shrink film applications

Call 1-800-644-4032 today to speak with a Protective Packaging specialist, or send us a message via our online form about your particular needs regarding a protective cover. We welcome custom orders!


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