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Protective Packaging has been serving companies in the automotive industries for years. Whether you have small parts and tools that need to be shipped, or large equipment heading to storage, we can help you develop an effective corrsosion prevetion or static shielding solution.



Whether you are looking to ship your engine cross country, protect vital parts against corrosion, or mothball your entire aircraft, Protective Packaging Corp. has the perfect packaging solution to suit your needs. With over 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to protect your vital assets.


Awards & Contracts


May 28, 2014 - GSA Awards Protective Packaging Corporation a Blanket Purchase Agreement requirement for 1.14 million on 5.28.2014.  This contract will supply 3,504 rolls of  MIL-PRF 131 Type 1, Water Vaporproofed, Flexed Barrier Material,  and 718 rolls of  MIL-PRF 131 Type 1 Water Vaporproofed, Flexed Heat Sealable Barrier Material.   This BPA is for one year and is an interim solution to supply transformation to move items that are currently stocked in the WDC and EDC warehouses.

Janurary 28, 2014 - GSA Awards Protective Packaging Corporation a firm-fixed price requirement for 76K. This contract will supply 837 rolls of MIL-PRF 121 Type 1, Class 1, Grade A Barrier Material supporting the Armed Forces of the United States. All rolls will be shipped to Military Depots and Bases throughout CONUS.

November 20, 2013  - GSA Awards Protective Packaging Corporation a firm-fixed price requirement for 14.5k.  This contract will supply 144  rolls of MIL-PRF 121 Type 1, Class 1, Grade A Barrier Material supporting the Armed Forces of the United States.  These rolls will be shipped to the GSA Eastern Distribution Center and GSA FSS Western Distribution Center for further transport and delivery to outlying bases.   We are so grateful that DLA puts it trust and confidence in our ability to deliver and provide quality products that support our Military.

October 30, 2013 - DLA Awards Protective Packaging Corporation a firm-fixed price requirement type contract for 1.2 million.  This contract will  supply multiple different sizes of Heat Sealable Bags (electrostatic and non-electrostatic discharge) for various CONUS and OCONUS DLA depots.  Protective Packaging Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of static shielding bags in the United States.  Although we carry an extensive inventory of "ready-made" solutions, as a manufacturer we also have the ability to create customized static shielding bags of any size.   Our manufacturing facility gives us the ability to create customized static shielding bags of any size, from a 2 inch square to over 200 feet long.  "We are so pleased to be expanding the use of our products to the Department of Defense.   This is a large contract awarded for heat sealable bags,  and we are honored by the U.S. military’s recognition of Protective Packaging Corporations  quality and high level of service provided.  ” said Billy Cupp, Protective Packaging Corporation’s Director of Government Sales



Our materials have helped preserve components all along the construction industry supply chain. From earth movers to elevators, we have developed custom solutions to keep products and materials rust free and in ready-to-use condition, even if they are being stored outside for a year. The case studies below illustrate our large item and on site packaging capabilities. We also manufacture bags of any size to fit our customers needs.


Defense & Military

Our Military understands the importance of proper protective packaging, probably more than any other entity. From storing large vehicles to transporting complex weapon systems, the right military packaging materials can determine an item's safety, integrity, and longevity.


When shipping or storing electronic products, it's important to protect from static as well as moisture.


Energy Industry Packaging Solutions

Protective Packaging Corp. (PPC) offers an array of packaging products and services for the energy industry; everything from a wind turbine cover for transport across the country, to moisture barrier bags for spare parts that will be sitting in storage until use. 


Logistics & Transport

Protective Packaging has helped hundreds of companies secure their products, equipment, machinery, and vehicles for transport. Whether you are sending materials via an inter-modal container across the globe, or via a flatbed truck from California to New York, we have a flexible packaging solution that will protect your shipment from the damaging effects of moisture, electrostatic discharge, pests and insects, or general road debris. 

We carry protective covers, shrink wrap, desiccant, mil-spec moisture barrier materials and static shielding materials.  These materials are heat-sealable, so they can be converted from flat sheets to any configuration you need.  Our team of packaging professionals can help you select the right material for your project and even help you package items to ensure the materials are secured properly.

Our products and services have been used for:

  • Truck Shipments 
  • Break Bulk Cargo Projects
  • Ocean Freight

Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs.  We are here to help!  1-800-644-4032.



For every part that needs protection, from corrosion to static shielding, Protective Packaging can help manufacturers ensure their product arrives safely to the customer. We transform flexible packaging materials into bags, tubes and sheets to meet each customer's specific needs. Case studies profiling our protective packaging solutions can be viewed here.


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